Panasonic 124 Min. Standard AMQ US

Product Description:

Higher Output Level
Panasonic’s next generation S-AME (Super Advanced Metal Evaporation) technology, employed in our latest data media, yields a higher magnetic density, providing +1.2dB higher output vs. the competition.

Lower Dropout Rate
Experience 30% less dropouts with AMQ vs. the competition.

Enhanced Durability / Preventative Against Head Clogging
Advancements in our Dry-Type Lubricant & Thick DLC Diamond-Like Carbon film development dramatically boost durability for high speed shuttling, still-frame & professional editing. A surface treatment process further reduces the chance of a head clog, while keeping output high & bit error rate low.

Significantly Extended Head Life
With Panasonic’s proprietary Dry-Type Lubricant, video head wear is much lower than with other brands (only -4ìm after 500 hours). Less head wear means using AMQ can extend head life over that of the competition.

Precision Engineered Cassette Design
Rugged ABS resin shell construction, the same material used for high quality data tape, prevents warpage and cassette housing damage, providing tough, impact resistant durability and reliability. An Anti-Static Treated cassette lid repels dust contaminants and minimizes dropouts. The easy write cassette label is already affixed to the cassette housing, so writing titles directly on the cassette label is quicker and easier.

Rugged Hard Case Increases Tape Protection
A side locking hard case prevents against accidental opening. The case’s non-slip ribbed finish and special grooves allow for safe stacking and carrying within the production facility.

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